John's Brick Oven Folly

June -2011

Still No Pizza! 
Not even close as a matter of fact!

Seventh Course Arch Transition
Why aren't we even close? Well it has to do with the hired help, as in we don't have any! LOL This month is starting to get warm and my stomach is aching for some pizza, so back to work it is! After figuring out the arch/dome transition with the play dough, the rest of this build should not be so perplexing. After all how hard could the rest of the build be???? (I had no idea!)

Look no Play Dough! :)
Well some progress has been made after the arch transition was figured out and completed. Now it is onward and upward with the rest of the dome.

  Things seem to be working out for the most part. I am finally getting the hang of mixing the mortar to a good working consistency. It helped to do a lot of mortar mixing for the side brickwork, I needed the experience!

Trying to carefully align firebricks to avoid the dreaded teardrop effect at over the arch area!  Using the indispensable tool is a help in this area. You can see my temporary brick supports made from scrap lumber to hold the bricks in place while the mortar sets.

 Keeping an eye on the vertical joints from aligning to help prevent a long crack. Wish I wasn't so sloppy, hope it doesn't come back to bite me later in the build.

Had to remove the overhead protection since I was hitting my head on it as I was placing the higher courses. Things are moving along at a decent clip, I may be finished before 12/2012. Yeah 18 months should be enough time! 
 JULY 2011 - the saga continues! 

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