John's Brick Oven Folly

Sept. October, November Dec. 2010 - John's Brick Oven Folly

Welcome back to the continuing Saga of John's Brick Oven Folly!

Well the oven construction is at a total stand still as electrical trenching and hook up needed to be done! It felt like I ran the conduit close to China as the trench felt like it was dug 24 miles down and not 24" down!
But the result is a safe/per code installation of a street lamp post and electrical supply for the oven lights and counter outlets for the Margarita mixer! 

The inspector was very Happy!

Now that the retaining walls are built,with proper drainage rock and pipe. We will see this winter, how they hold up with the freezing and thawing!
As you can see,these walls were VERY important to complete! Gave me an instant rest area!
LOL I hope the wife isn't looking while a take a short nap!

Now that the 3/4" processed stone is all taken care of, leveled and sloped for drainage. I need approval from one of my Wife's foster spies!

Calvin was such a joy to have around, he just needed some payola (dingos) and he never told my wife about my naps!

I guess it is time to start sacking blocks for the oven base! Taking Mario's idea and having two compartments under the base was an excellent idea. I liked it so much I copied it! :)

Here we go with the base build, The two compartments, not only afford separate areas and the convienence of not tunneling in to a deep area for whatever is stored in those areas.  But it also provides a center support for the oven slab. I opted for no ash dump (I hope I do not regret this move)

This was the first stacking attempt, no center support but rear access. The left side column is for the counter support. I just wish I had room for a counter on the right side also! The right side slab will be for more wood storage. (that may change over time)

I ultimately put in a center row of block and also the rear entrance I took out the top blocks and spanned the opening with the slab for the hearth! Thought I had some picks before the hearth slab was poured. Lets see what October brings!

October- 2010 

Now it is starting to get cool too quickly! Although it is a welcome break from the torrid summer we had this year!
The block was anchored with pouring  cement into every other column of block that also contains a piece of rebar. Once this set and cured, the stand is not going any where without a small nuclear device going off inside of it!
Some More rebar work on top of the cement board, get the angle grinder to fine tune the fortress!

Here is the top of the stand with forms in place. I used cement board for a bottom, with blocks and beams supporting everything.
A pallet of 60 - 60lb bags of concrete was delivered and was waiting for the final rebar placements. (don't pay attention to the guy stuck in the cement block on the left picture! )

Here is a side view showing the rear compartment  and the 2*8 support making an integrated lintel of the stand slab. I think I put enough rebar in to support the new freedom tower!

The Electrical work was ruffed in and ready for the pour! Constantly checking level and securing rebar keeping it an inch. off the cement board and an inch. below the top of the forms.
Now my wife is ready to do some serious concrete work! Stand back there is no stopping her! :) So I realized I couldn't mix , pour,screed and float the cement slab by myself... So my wife volunteered the neighbor Nick to help me while she got a manicure! Thank you Darlin!                                                          
Back View of stand, notice the supervisor in the background! She won't let anything get by her!

Well here is the finished stand with slab all done! MANY THANKS to Nick who my wife roped into this folly! Thanks Nick! The pipes standing up on the left side are for electrical wiring and thermocouple wires. The colunm on the left is the support for the counter top. There are still some blocks under that I used to support the cement board while the slab cures.

Here is a picture of the completed oven! Yahoo! Pizza Time!  I guess it is time to do some pavers! See you in Novenmber!

  • Cold November Winds are starting to Blow!

    Well I need to get my butt in gear to complete the patio area before the snow flies!  If that gets completed then I will be done until the temps rise again above freezing!
    Two and a half pallets of pavers, seven truck loads of stone dust and I am ready to rumble! Or is that rubble?

    I think my knees will hate me before I finish!

    The start is always the easy part,  now comes the continuing parts of the puzzle!

    And another piece of the puzzle gets completed!

    Slowly But Surely the pieces are fitting together. Of course the 10" brick saw I got for the project is making things fit easier!
    Oh, and did I mention it is getting cold? The wet saw is definitely a summer tool!

    My slow pace and shoddy craftsmanship has finally paid off! The supervisor fired me and took things into her own hands!  Yippee!!!!

    Yes sir, yes mame, lets pose for the camera and look all pretty like!

    I know you are pretending that my head is under that rock!

    Time to sweep in the joint sand and lock everything together!

    Finished Patio, just before

    the temps got toooooooo cold!!

    Stay Tuned for the December Update!


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