John's Brick Oven Folly

April - 2011 Brick Oven Folly - The Saga Continues.......... March- 2011

April 2011 ---- the slow thaw!

The temps are finally above freezing for a change and work can begin again! 
So you thought you were done digging???? Not a chance! Still needed to do the deck stairs and  Patio/Hot tub level. 

Plus the Electrician needed to finish running wires for low voltage lighting etc. 

Now that is a fine mess you have there John.......

I have to try to convince my wife that the electrician knows what he is doing. Only trouble with that is.... I'm not sure he knows what he is doing!

Well all is well that turns out well!

Now for some landscaping from the architect and CWIC (cheif wife in charge)

Add a little mulch then some landscape lighting, Voila! Her job is complete, too bad her hubby doesn't work as fast, we would all be eating Pizza by NOW!!!!  :)

Speaking of the lazy guy, here are the firebricks and blocks for the oven. Now we want to see him at least show up! 

Will he appear in May???

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